Saturday, September 20, 2014


Here's an interesting little conversation between two leftists about a story involving some parents who didn't want their children to read Marjane Satrapi's Persepolis at a high school library:

Now isn't that something. One of the same leftists with a fairly lenient view of Islam is still willing to come to the defense of an Iranian refugee's illustrated biography of her experiences, and another guy he knows is willing to do the same. This despite at least one instance of apologia for Marvel's publishing taqqiya, and being chummy with at least one other writer who's gone out of his way to promote the book and attack anyone who dares to disagree as a "racist", yet never accusing them of being "anti-religious", the most gaping hole in the left's apologia for these forms of propaganda. Pretty surprising, I must say. Now that I think of it, Persepolis is probably one of the precious few graphic novels critical of an Islamic regime some leftists are willing to say anything positive about and defend, and I wonder why? In this case, is it because, according to the Medford Mail Tribune, some parents in Oregon have objections to stocking it in student libraries? Oregon is mostly a leftist stronghold, and one can only wonder if the opposition is based more on political standings than a true concern about visual violence. If it were, that would make the Marz/Zircher defense pretty odd, even if defense of the book is justified and crucial.

But that doesn't mean all leftists will defend a GN recounting life with the Ayatollah's reign. In fact, what are the chances DC and Marvel would hire somebody like Satrapi to write a mainstream book for them? I think the chances are very slim, and neither Dan Slott nor Tom Brevoort are likely to lobby for the sake of Satrapi either.

To be sure, any leftist willing to defend GNs like Persepolis and Satrapi is a good omen, but they've still got a long way to go before they can fully convince us. Like, maybe they can come to the defense of Frank Miller and his Holy Terror GN for the right reasons too?

Update: oh, I think the time has come I show just what an honor it is Marz talk about me like this:

LOL. He insists on declaring I'm crazy, does he. Well gee, what an honor that is! If he ever calls me sane, that'll be an insult. Marz has only done me proud with his sneering declaration.

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