Tuesday, September 09, 2014


AGW stands for anthropogenic global warming.

AGW is bs.

I've been saying it for over a decade.

Atmospheric CO2 continues to grow (today - BBC):
"A surge in atmospheric CO2 saw levels of greenhouse gases reach record levels in 2013, according to new figures. Concentrations of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere between 2012 and 2013 grew at their fastest rate since 1984. 
Yet the global climate isn't warming at all.

The alarmists have known this for a while; its why they changed the name of their bogeyman to "climate change". 

Still: any and all "changes" we've seen for the last two decades are totally within geohistoric climate change ranges.

Man-made global climate change is bullshit, too.

Sadly, it is NOT harmless bullshit.

Climate alarmism has raised the price of energy and severely industrial development - especially in the Third World. 

This has greatly harmed the poorest among us - by raising transportation costs it has raised the price of everything, which hurts the poorest people the most.

AGW is a principle cause of "AGR" - our "anthropogenic global recession".

The world's economies are struggling. Europe is going back into recession. China's staggering growth is slowing significantly  - so much so that it "Potemkin" economy may collapse as the USA economy did. And even the USA is pitiful economic growth at a level so low and for so long that more than 90 million Americans are now freelancers unable to get a salaried job. Unemployment and under employment have been in double digits for 5 years!

The ONLY thing that can jump start the global economy is a return to energy SANITY:

We need to accept that CO2phobia and the anti-"fossil" fuel movement has been a colossal hoax.

And then we need to rollback all the anti-CO2 taxes and anti-fossil fuel exploration/exploitation taxes and regulations.

This will IMMEDIATELY lead to a drop in the price of oil and coal and energy and electricity and then all the products which use energy or which are brought to the  market with energy.

The global economy will once again start growing - as a rate that will mean the quality of life and living standards for the masses will begin to improve once again.

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