Sunday, August 03, 2014


The IDF estimates he was killed in an explosion while fighting in the tunnels:
The Israeli military said Sunday that an Israeli soldier it previously believed had been captured by Hamas terrorists in a Gaza ambush had in fact been killed in battle that day.

The soldier's purported capture Friday had helped shatter an internationally brokered cease-fire, drawn global condemnation and triggered military activities in the area of his disappearance in southern Gaza that left dozens of Palestinians dead and scores of homes destroyed.
This article was partly written by the AP Wire, and reeks of it: how do they know the Hamas would respect any alleged cease-fire? This is blame-game tactics, and it's just like the AP to pull a lie like this. They've been shooting rockets again lately, as told in this report, which is a bit improved over the other article, and the Hamas is not going to stop its horror anytime soon. They're so full of hatred, they'll go down with the sinking ship.

Update: here's more on the latest Hamas rocket fire:
The Iron Dome defense system intercepted at least one Gaza rockets over the great Tel Aviv area early Sunday evening, several other blasts were heard.

To warn of the incoming attack, rocket alert sirens were sounded in Tel Aviv, Holon, Bat Yam, Rishon Lezion, Bnei Brak, Givat Shmuel, Givatayim and Ramat Gan.

Three rockets also hit southern Israel projectiles fired from Gaza continued to rain down on the South.

Gazan terrorists launched more than 70 rockets at Israel by early evening Sunday.

Meanwhile, the IDF continued operations in the Gaza Strip on Sunday despite its decision to redeploy some forces to staging areas within Israel.

Paratroopers in the Gaza Strip detected four terrorists preparing to fire an anti-tank missile on Sunday. Acting on the information, the Armored Corps fired shells at a home in which the terrorists were stationed at.

The building collapsed and the terrorists were killed.

Meanwhile, Givati infantry soldiers uncovered 150 mortars, as well as a new tunnel shaft.

Earlier in the day, Givati soldiers also detected terrorists who had surfaced from a tunnel. The IDF fired shells at the cell, which escaped to a nearby home. Soldiers then fired at the home, and killed three terrorists. The IDF then destroyed the tunnel from which the terrorists had emerged.

In addition, the Israel Air Force killed eight terrorists in air strikes on Sunday. The IDF has attacked more than 40 terrorist targets since midnight on Sunday.

Leaflets were distributed throughout the northern Gaza Strip warning Gazans against participating in terrorist activities.
This is exactly why IDF forces cannot be scaled back, and it's very stupid to do what they're doing now. To stop specific areas from firing missiles, they have to invade the precise points and destroy all launchers in that area, ditto searching for where weapons are stored. Only that way will more jihad attacks be deterred.

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