Friday, July 04, 2014


First, we have news of a Colorado woman who was arrested before she could take flight to the middle east:
A suburban teenager who practiced shooting, sought military training and hoped to join violent jihad against Americans was arrested on the jetway as she tried to board a plane on a one-way trip to the Middle East, court documents show.

Shannon Conley, 19, was arrested in April at Denver International Airport by federal investigators who said they repeatedly warned that her actions were illegal. Court documents detailing the case against the teen were unsealed this week, and paint a picture of a self-isolated woman who fell in love with a Tunisian man online, converted to Islam after reading about it on the Internet and became obsessed with religious war.

FBI agents said Conley, a certified nurse's aid, sought and practiced military tactics so she could fight on behalf of the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria, which recently seized portions of Iraq. She also showed them a book detailing guerrilla warfare tactics and said she could carry out jihad in America.

"Conley believed she, as a Muslim, needed to marry young and be confrontational in her support of Islam," a U.S. anti-terrorism agent wrote in an arrest affidavit. "Special Agent Khomssi admonished Conley twice in the conversation that travel with intent to wage jihad may be illegal and result in her arrest."
It's awful that this woman chose to trash her life for the sake of violence.

Next, a Muslim father got his son to come back from Syria to France, but unfortunately, he won't be honest about jihad:
Abderakaz Cherif, from Nice on the French Riviera, told RFI how his two sons, aged 16 and 23, ended up in Syria as part of an al-Qaeda brigade fighting in Syria.

After six months of searching, he finally got a response from his youngest son on social media.

Cherif told RFI that he managed to convince his son that the war in Syria had nothing to do with religion, and that he should get out as soon as he could.

“From the moment he left I knew that I would not be able to survive this life without my son,” he told RFI’s David Thompson. “I had to get him home safely.”

“People use religion to persuade youngsters to fight,” he explained on RFI. “I did the same thing. I told him repeatedly that what was going on in Syria had nothing to do with him and absolutely nothing to do with Islam.”

“Islam is a religion of peace,” he added. “The fighters in Syria are devils who are tearing each other apart. I believe this is the message that made him decide to come home.”
Yes, keep telling us it's a religion of peace without offering any verses from the Koran to back up your defense. It's pathetic how the man cannot comprehend the verses in his religious books that led to his son believing it's perfectly justified to trash your life for the sake of violence. For now, what matters is whether the son could pose danger back in Europe, and that's why he'll need serious psychological aid.

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