Wednesday, July 23, 2014


Finance minister Yair Lapid has some questionable standings, but his take on the jihad stemming in Gaza written for the UK Telegraph is spot on:
Since the beginning of the last round of fighting, thousands of rockets have been launched at Israeli cities, armed terrorists have attempted to execute mass attacks in villages by the border and hundreds of mortars have been aimed at kindergartens and schools. The only reason these attempts at mass killing are not making an impression is that Hamas has failed. The Israeli Defence Forces’ land and air operation, along with Iron Dome, the anti-missile defence system developed by Israel, prevented us from gaining the world’s sympathy in return for images of mutilated Jewish children. Given a choice between sympathetic news coverage and the lives of our children, I choose life.

Hamas chooses otherwise.

Western eyes and ears consider it a dubious choice, but Hamas never hid its position on the matter: it has no problem with Palestinian children dying, so long as it serves its political objectives.

I know that sounds cynical, but that’s because it really is. Islamic terror is absolutely cynical, it always was and always will be, and its greatest speciality is taking advantage of every democracy’s main weakness – the fact that we sanctify life.
He's correct. It's almost like how the nazis sacrificed many people for their own evil ends, even selling them a badly developed car like the early Volkswagen Beetle just so they'd have an affordable car, but without good safety features (and the engine was in the rear, making it more dangerous in the front). When you deliberately put children in danger and don't urge them to take cover, that only proves you do not care about life at all, and hate the subjects who end up as pawns in an endgame. That's also why the Hamas imposed sharia in Gaza.

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