Wednesday, July 02, 2014


A funeral was held in the memory of the 3 students who were murdered.

A writer for the JTA tells how our worst fears were realized in this tragedy. Here's also a condolence from Camera.

In the aftermath of this horror, it's been decided that the house of another jihadist murderer will be demolished:
The army can raze the home of a Palestinian indicted in the Passover eve murder of a senior police officer, Israel’s Supreme Court ruled.

The family of Ziad Awad on Tuesday morning was given 12 hours to remove its possessions from the West Bank residence in Idhna Village, near Hebron, before the demolition order takes effect. Awad has been charged in the April 14 murder of Police Chief Superintendent Baruch Mizrachi.

[...] Awad allegedly fired at civilian vehicles traveling near Hebron, killing Mizrachi, critically injuring his wife and wounding a child traveling in a second car. The shooter fled the scene.

Awad and his son, Izz Eddin Hassan Ziad Awad, 18, were arrested last month.

The teen admitted under questioning that his father ​had shared with him his intentions to execute a terror attack against Israelis on Passover.

Awad, who was released in the 2011 Shalit prisoner exchange, is a Hamas operative who has been jailed previously for the murder of Palestinians who were believed to be cooperating with Israeli security forces. Awad told his son, according to the IDF, that “according to the Islamic religion, those who kill Jews go to heaven.” The son led police to the weapon used in the attack.
The two terrorists throughly deserve to lose their house, and the only one they should have is prison.

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