Thursday, April 24, 2014


The New American (via Pamela Geller) spoke about the new hate-speech laws Sweden's implementing that make it illegal to criticize Islam and homosexuality (and come to think of it, make it illegal for the latter to criticize the former):
...Sweden’s new law adds another layer of hate-speech prohibition to the social ostracism. As Fria Tider reported (translated electronically from Swedish and then edited for grammar and word usage) in a piece entitled “New Law Makes it Easier to Prosecute Those Who Offend Immigrants or Those in Power,” “The crime of ‘insult’ will be prosecuted — but only for giving offense to immigrants, LGBTQ persons or authorities ... [under a] common insult to the public prosecution.” The law has been pushed by Swedish parliamentarian Andreas Norlén, who said, during what Fria Tider described as “an unchallenged debate on the issue in parliament,” “I do not think it takes very many prosecutions before a signal is transmitted in the community that the Internet is not a lawless country — the sheriff is back in town.”
Wrong. Stormtrooper is more like it. According to LifeSiteNews:
“Chapter 15, Section 8 of Sweden’s criminal code prohibits the expression of ‘disrespect’ towards favoured minority groups. The law carries a penalty of up to four years of imprisonment. It requires no evidence of incitement to violence and lacks any objective standard for identifying ‘disrespect.’”
This was why even Pope John Paul II once refrained from criticism on homosexuality, abortion and divorce, because under these horrific Orwellian laws, he could easily be arrested too. This sounds even worse than Britain's own laws that allow for arresting people they don't agree with. And only Muslims are free to criticize what they dislike, while attacking Jews is allowed too. Sweden is clearly one of the most hopeless countries around.

This is all the more reason not to buy Swedish products, like furniture from Ikea, and vehicles from Volvo and Saab. The latter is no longer sold in the USA anyway, even after being revived nearly 2 years ago. Nobody should do business with their government, that's for sure. A country that's obsessed with outdoing the nazis and communists is no place to invest valuble money in.

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