Monday, December 02, 2013


Liberals argue that since most healthcare expenses happen when we're very old - and no longer very active or productive, that maybe it's a waste of money.

Today's NYTimes trots out another variant of this argument from yet another liberal elitist know-it-all.

There are two simple reasons why this argument is unbelievably ... EVIL:

1 - the older patient has paid into medicare/medicaid his/her whole life. At nearly 7% per year of annual income this might amount to about $10,00/year for 40 years or $400,000 not including interest. This means that the patient has clearly paid for their late-in-life treatment, and denying it to them amount not only to murder, but theft - and fraud.

2 - the decision to receive medical intervention should always be a personal one between the doctor and the patient (and patient's family, perhaps). The state should keep its nose out of this decision - especially since the state stands to receive a double bonus is treatment is denied, as the state will save both the money that might have gone to treatment and also the social security benefits that might have gone to the patient had s/he lived longer.

Obamacare increases the likelihood that the state will interfere and deny care - the IPAB was designed to do just that.

This is another instance of a liberal utopianist policy actually bringing on a dystopianist reality.

Forced abortions of less-than-ideal fetuses won't be far behind.

And then come the gas chambers.

For the common good - as they always say...


We can stop this nightmare from becoming reality by stopping Obama and his utopianist comrades.

It's 2014, or never.

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