Thursday, November 14, 2013


The Greek Reporter lets know that the supreme court in Greece has committed a terrible error:
The Greek Supreme Court, with a recent decision, puts the sacred law of Shariah above the laws of the Greek State, thus Greek Muslims cannot draw up a will, as this is something that is not included in the Shariah law. This complicates the situation since in 1946, Greek Muslims draw their wills according to the Greek civil law.

This case was brought to light by Komotini’s newspaper “Chronos.” The newspaper reveals that the Greek Supreme Court annulled a will that was drawn up by a Muslim man before he had passed away, as this is not determined by the Islamic Inheritance jurisprudence. The deceased Muslim lived in Thrace and in his will made clear that he left all his belongings to his wife, as the couple did not have any children.

The proceedings against the will begun by the sister of the deceased Muslim, as she claims that Shariah does not determine inheritance jurisprudence, and as a result the will is invalid and she wants to take her fair share of her brother’s fortune.
In other words, the Greek court denied Muslims living locally the right to their local laws for all the wrong reasons. As though it weren't bad enough there's a neo-nazi party called Golden Dawn running around in this once fine country leading to disaster just around the corner.

More on the case at National Secular Society.

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