Tuesday, September 17, 2013


Ari Lieberman wrote on Front Page Magazine about why the so-called palestinians do not deserve a state, especially considering their repulsive Islamofascist mindset and conduct:
On November 20, 2012 six Palestinian civilians, accused of collaborating with Israel, were dragged from their homes in Gaza City by Palestinian gunmen. The butchery that followed represented depravity in the extreme, even by Palestinian standards. The six were summarily executed before an approving crowd that included children and at least one was dragged through the city streets, tethered to a motorcycle. There was no trial, no jury, no judge, no defense attorney and no prosecutor, only thugs armed with AK-47s. Welcome to “Palestine,” the sweetheart of the misguided, adoring left and the neo-fascist right.

The level of brutality witnessed on that November day is not confined to areas controlled by Hamas nor is it an aberration. The Palestinian Authority, which is dominated by the rival Fatah gang and which controls some 40% of Judea & Samaria (the West Bank) routinely engages in systematic torture, suppression of free speech, arbitrary jailing, incitement to violence and discriminatory practices against its ever-decreasing minority Christian population. Its leader, Mahmoud Abbas, is an unelected, Holocaust-denying, autocrat who is adept at deceiving Western audiences but expresses positions supportive of Hamas when addressing Arabic listeners.

David Keyes, in an insightful Op-Ed piece for the New York Times, correctly noted that how a nation abides by the treaties it signs with its neighbors can be measured by how it treats its own citizens. Judging by the Palestinian Authority’s abysmal human rights record (not to mention that of Hamas) it does not look encouraging.

[...] As the circumstances in Egypt, Syria and Iraq have taught us, the world can ill-afford the creation of yet another dysfunctional, undemocratic Arab state. The creation of such an entity will almost certainly invite regional instability. Moreover, a society that instinctively cheers as civilians are maimed and murdered and whose charter still calls for the dismantling of another U.N. member state is undeserving of statehood.
Absolutely correct. Those who live by evil don't deserve the very tools that will enable them to continue their horrors.

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