Wednesday, September 04, 2013


What happened yesterday exposes potentially lax security at the airport entrance driveway:
Ben-Gurion Airport security went on emergency alert early Tuesday morning, when two Palestinian men driving a stolen truck broke through the airport’s security checkpoint and refused to come to a stop.

The incident began at 3:30 a.m., when the trailer truck – which police said had been stolen in Beit Dagan – came barreling through the checkpoint at the entrance to the airport.

Police said the two men, residents of Jenin and Kalkilya, had refused to yield and had continued down the approach to the airport, driving through a second improvised roadblock and attempting to run over a security guard.

The truck finally came to a halt only 200 meters from the entrance to Terminal 3, after it ran over spikes that security personnel had put down and after a security guard fired shots that hit the tires, Ben- Gurion officials said.

The two men then fled the truck on foot, but were arrested shortly afterward. They faced a remand extension on Tuesday. [...]

According to Technion-Israel Institute of Technology Prof. Alan Kirschenbaum, the close call should not be cause for celebration.

“It was only after the fact that they learned that the truck wasn’t full of explosives,” said Kirschenbaum, the head of Kirschenbaum consulting and the initiator and coordinator of the Bemosa consortium – a Europe-wide research project aimed at improving security in airports.

He noted that the two men “were able to drive the truck all the way there, and if they had used different tires, possibly ones that would resist the bullets, they would have made it there. If these were highly motivated terrorists, then they probably would have done their deed.”
I'm glad they brought that up. I've never thought of whether bulletproof tires could be invented. But there surely are some brands out there, and that's why better security is needed to prevent heavy vehicles from infiltrating the airport.

I have no doubt this was a dry run for terrorism to see if the airport is breachable. The two filthy men should be interrogated to see if they were working for some local jihadists.

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