Sunday, September 15, 2013

Hundreds Unaccounted for in Colorado Floods - Clearly, Obama Doesn't Care About White People

Uh yeah,


A natural disaster is a natural disaster.

After Hurricane Katrina, black people all over the country claimed George Bush was a racist because of his slow response in New Orleans. Never mind that the black mayor of New Orleans, Ray Nagin, never bothered to encourage people to leave.

Kanye West said, "George Bush doesn't care about black people."

George Bush called this "the worst moment of my Presidency."

There was even a protest song claiming Bush didn't care about black people, just abandoned them to die in the mud.

Now, flash floods in Colorado, a predominantly white area of the country, have made hundreds disappear.

You won't hear anyone claiming any of this has anything to do with Obama.

And, that is not merely because of the bias of the media. NO ONE thinks this has anything to do with Obama.

Natural disasters happen. And, just as they happen under Bush, they happened under Obama. Natural disasters are not motivated by race. And no white person who ever claimed there was a racial element to the deaths in a natural disaster would ever be afforded any respect were he to voice such an idiotic opinion in public.

The difference is, white culture is not a victim culture. We do not thrive on our victimhood.

Black culture largely defines itself by it's victimhood. While there are some good historical reasons for this having been true, it is clear that for the most part, black people are not subject to the same historical forces that made them victims in the past.

Yet our culture tolerates and even vaunts the Cult of Black Victimhood.

Frankly, this is because certain segments of our society really are racist. There are several streams of racism that come together to put forward this racist meme in our society,

1) The "soft bigotry of low expectations": There are many in the (biased leftward) MSM who really believe we can't expect anything more of black people than to make stupid comments like "George Bush doesn't care about white people." They think we need to tolerate the stupidity of this form of black culture. They even believe that most black people think this way, so we have to help them voice their concerns. I do not believe most black people are as stupid as Kanye West. I think the racists in the MSM help perpetuate the myth of the victimized black person, and this does a great disservice to the preponderance of real black people out there who are trying to create good lives for themselves, instead of bitterly clinging to their victimhood status.

2) The Left-wing of the Democrat Party has set up all sorts of government scams by which the party and it's cronies profit on the cult of black victimhood. Most obviously, there are Obamaphones and Food Stamps, but there are also free school lunches, Public Housing, and many other government handouts. which only serve to increase the power of the Leftists as they wind up controlling the departments which administer the large amounts of "government money", which in truth is YOUR MONEY. Black culture is not responsible for the stupid things the Leftists do to serve black culture. But "The Soft Bigotry" crowd is responsible in that they have helped perpetuate the myth that we can expect no more of black people than to waste away on food stamps and Obamaphones. Thus, The Soft Bigotry crowd in the MSM helps keep the Leftist scam-artists in power by perpetuating the myth of black victimhood.

3) "Black Leaders" like Al Sharpton, Jesse Jackson, the NAACP, and the Black Caucus do not represent the mainstream of black America, but they do represent the mainstream of the cult of Black Victimhood. The black people of America never elected Al Sharpton or Jesse Jackson as leaders. The MSM did. These "Black Leaders" are a necessary tool of the two streams of racism above, and they also serve to continue to reinforce the myth of Black Victimhood.

This is a cruel and terrible cycle of racism, built like a malevolent wheel into the works of our permanent political system.

Until this wheel is removed from the works of our political system, it will continue to serve a very real inequality in our culture. Not the inequality between the races, which is an old, tired, and sick idea, not the inequality of black victims of racism, but the very real inequality of a mainstream of American culture (made up of white people, Asians, Hispanics, Indians, Arabs, etc.) who all look at the Cult of Black Victimhood and believe in it to varying degrees, and thus look at black people as pains in the ass who constantly cry, moan, and wail for more, more, more to make up for the supposed less, less, less that is their lives.

Remember, America is made up of immigrants. Many of these immigrants came here fleeing from terrible oppression of one form or another, they came here with nothing, and they have made something great of their lives with the opportunities afforded them by the American system.

How do you think these people feel when they observe the seemingly permanent class of "Black Victims" in American culture?

This is the real inequality that exists for black people. The disrespect that comes to a culture which is defined by victimhood.

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