Friday, August 02, 2013


When the Danish Meteorological Institute measures the "highest temperature ever" in Greenland it makes headlines in Denmark.  The article also includes a meteorological explanation about  "a combination of weather phenomena: a High over Greenland and a Low over Baffin Island created the ideal conditions for this warmth..." and is followed by concluding remarks from DMI  that " point out that any 'warmth event', going forward will have the potential of being slightly warmer because of general developments..."

General Developments?  That sounds like code for GLOBAL WARMING.

The only problem with the story of Greenlands latest warm record is that it is based on faulty measurements.  The story has since  been taken down by DMI.  The only place you will read about it is in the Greenland press
 "Asiaq’s measurements in Maniitsoq  have  ”only” measured up to 24,0°C on 30. juli 2013, which is 1,9°C lower than DMI and 1,5°C lower than the previous warm record. The reason that DMI og Asiaq do not measure the same temperature is because DMI gets their measurements from Mittarfeqarfiits weatherstation. This temperature sensor sits on an airport building just over a door. Furthermore the "entire area under the thermometer is covered with asphalt, which gives significant warmth to the surrounding air when it is calm, like it was on tuesday" explains Per Hangaard, climate worker, Asiaq.  Asiaq uses data from GLV,  but only data measured according to international standards...therefore Asiaq uses a smaller weather station 100 meters from the airport....
This is all very important because Denmark is a nexus for the Global Warming debate...The EU Climate Commissioner Connie Hedegaard is danish, and Denmark has been the site of billions of Euros of fraudulent CO2 trading...and of course it is important because Greenland is this fairy tale land, supposedly untouched by humans,  about to be raped by mining and oil interests...

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