Friday, June 14, 2013


James Richard Edwards writes about how jihadists Trojan-horsed into Europe:
HOUSTON, June 14, 2013 ― The Muslim Brotherhood described their grand plan for cultural jihad to destroy the West in a 1982 document, The Project:

“Cultural invasion … A kind of grand jihad in eliminating and destroying Western civilization from within and sabotaging its miserable house by their hands and the hands of the believers [Muslims] so that it is eliminated and God’s religion Islam is made victorious.”

In Western Europe, Islam has achieved much of its goal of eroding Western values, culture and institutions from the inside. Islam has very keenly used the failed concept of multiculturalism to exponentially increase the Muslim population in Western Europe while concurrently instituting a policy of creeping yet deliberate institutionalizing of Islamic “states” within the host countries.

There are a few tactics that have greatly helped Muslims to achieve these goals. First, Muslims have demanded that the host nations incrementally adopt various aspects of Sharia law and Islamic traditions, or else risk being deemed discriminatory or “Islamophobic.” Meanwhile, Islamic immigrants increasingly elect not to assimilate into their host societies, choosing instead to cultivate ethnic separatism and push for the creation of a (Muslim-only) state-within-a-state. Finally, Western leaders acquiesce to many Muslim demands in order to avoid further Muslim violence and crime that has plagued Europe over the last two decades.

The ultimate goal of Islam and every practicing Muslim, “moderate” or not, is to further the cause of a global caliphate in which every nation would be Islamic and governed by Sharia law. In pursuit of this goal, Islam divides the world into two groups, the “House of Islam/Submission” (dar-al Islam) and the “House of War” (dar-al harb). The root word for Islam in Arabic is “al-Silm,” which means “submission” or “surrender.”

The House of Submission therefore, includes all of the countries of the world that are governed by Sharia law and have submitted themselves to Islam. Any country that has not submitted to Islam and Sharia law is considered a part of the “House of War.” The goal of every single practicing Muslim is to enslave and submit every country to Islam and Sharia law.
And multiculturalism is the leading cause of the downfall in Europe:
Multiculturalism sounds like a wonderful idea on paper: many different cultures living in harmony in one host nation that doesn’t require or even suggest integration. In reality though, it is another utopian conception by liberal elites that sounds wonderful but ends up being extremely detrimental and an utter failure.
Mainly because sick cultural mindsets are the most incompatible part of the whole mishmash.

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