Thursday, May 23, 2013


This is something that went on for a decade. The monster who ran it has been arrested and is now facing trial for child abuse:
The details of a shocking child abuse scandal began to emerge on Tuesday in the Galilee town of Majd al-Krum when a Nazareth court lifted the gag order on the affair, which apparently has been going on for ten years.

Munib Farhat, a 56-year-old resident of Majd al-Krum, is suspected of heading a cult and enforcing his will on six families in his community, including dozens of children. The police suspect Farhat of forcing the members of his cult to beat their children, humiliate them, withhold food, lock them in bathrooms and smear them with fecal matter. The cult leader is also suspected of abusing the women in the cult, committing sexual assault and sodomizing them.

The affair was exposed when a woman who belonged to the cult filed a police complaint several weeks ago. A team of investigators consequently launched an undercover probe into the woman's allegations, in cooperation with Welfare Ministry social workers and Interior Ministry officials. The investigation, which was accompanied by the Haifa District Prosecutor's Office, revealed that Farhat, who refers to himself as a caliph, allegedly imposed a very strict disciplinary code on 11 adults and 25 children.
Clearly, a piece of filth who wants to bring back the caliphate of the 7th-8th century. Israel National News says that:
...Farhat was also very involved in cult members' personal lives, and he required them to reveal intimate details of their relationships, and of their finances. He also demanded that members turn over their salaries to him, and he distributed allowances to members. Cult members questioned by police said that Farhat tried to foster total dependence on him, and demanded that they loyally follow his every instruction.
In other words, he operated by the worst ways of socialism. The children and women who were abused by that excremental creature have since been saved and moved to safer living quarters. Farhat should be sent to solitary confinement for his repugnant crimes. Cults like these are the most dangerous kind there is, and at least a year ago, the authorities announced that they're trying to launch a program to deal with cult groupings.

Update: also crucial to note is this equally obscene news that occurred in more recent times of a cult leader from a Haredi background named Elior Chen, who conducted child abuse during 2007-08 in Betar Illit. He was given 24 years in prison, and should have received a much heavier sentence.

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