Friday, April 12, 2013


A very grave act was committed, one that's required police investigation:
Economics and Trade Minister Naftali Bennett has received a letter warning him that anonymous antagonists performed a mystical ritual to curse him and his family for policies that infuriate the ultra-Orthodox community.

The message arrived at Bennett’s office on Wednesday and declared that the senders invoked a “Pulsa Dinura,” or “lashes of fire,” against him to bring about his early demise.

“You will die you., The Pulsa Dinura has been done to you,” the letter read. It promised that Bennett would end his days like former prime minister Ariel Sharon, who has been in a coma since suffering a stroke in 2006.

“Already, you will have no peace at home,” the letter continued. “A bitter life awaits you. From this day your life is ruined.”

Although the missive was not signed it referred to ultra-Orthodox rabbis and their anger at Bennett.

“It is better not to mess with Torah sages,” the note warned. “Just one tear of theirs is enough to paralyze you for life. [You are] one who caused grief to the ultra-Orthodox and rose to prominence, but in the end you will be like Sharon.”

Bennett’s bureau reported the incident to the police for investigation.
Some extra details here:
The letter's closing remark was: "All those who hurt the haredim achieved glory, but you'll end up like (Ariel) Sharon."

The ministry estimated the letter is related to the recently proposed outline for equal share of the burden, which includes a haredi draft. [...]

At the end of the letter the author hints at its background: "You should not play with the Torah leaders: They shed one tear and you're paralyzed for life."

On Wednesday, Bennett presented a plan to integrate haredim in the workforce, including a refund of occupational training for haredim who acquire a profession and find a job. These will also receive a grant for their efforts.

The new intiatives have raised an uproar in the haredi sector, and haredi Knesset members and the haredi media stepped up their rhetoric against Bennett, who has been referred to as "Satan" and "Amalek."

In March, MK Moshe Gafni (United Torah Judaism) accused Bennett of "declaring war on the Torah world," and lately Shas MK Aryeh Deri's son issued a statement which said: "Remember what Habayit Hayehudi did to you," alluding to Amalek.
How strange that despite Sharon's sadistic, traitorous acts against Israel towards the end of his career, including some acts of appeasement for the Haredis, they still come close to referencing him as though he were an enemy of theirs. In any case, this is a very serious case wherein a threat of violence was made all because they don't want to serve in the army/workforce. I hope the criminals who sent that threat letter get caught, and Bennett's office did the right think to call in the police to investigate the matter.

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