Saturday, March 23, 2013


From Conservative Hideout 2.0:
How the State Standards are Indoctrinating our Youth with Marxist Views on the Great Depression

For many long years conservatives have failed badly in teaching the lessons of the Great Depression, instead deferring to the liberals and accepting their ‘lessons’ as the reality of the situation. The damage from years and years of learning the wrong lessons from the Great Depression is that today our nation is replicating the same sorts of policies that led to and lengthened the Depression and it is questionable whether or not there are enough around still educated in different lessons to implement different policies that will lead our nation to greater success and liberty and prosperity.

In 2004, the State of Michigan adopted a revised set of social studies standards- the high school’s standards are called the High School Content Expectations. These HSCE’s are intended to establish what every high school student that graduates from Michigan should know by the time they graduate...
A specific example of material included in this indoctrination program:
...7.1.3 covers “The New Deal,” and according to the state guidelines which all teachers follow which all students learn, students are to take away from this time period several lessons. First, students are supposed to learn that the federal government has a responsibility to protect the environment and should do so by violating the Constitution (TVA) and taking control over formally private business activities- yet this is a judgement and not a history lesson and should not be pushed in public schools. Second, students are supposed to learn that the national government is supposed to be meeting challenges of unemployment by creating jobs, as if a political system designed to protect people’s liberty and property can exist in a nation where the government takes wealth from one group and redistributes it to another and creates businesses in competition to private companies. Students are supposed to learn how the Supreme Court then was wrong in striking down these unconstitutional attempts to twist our nation from a republic into a fascist dictatorship, and that opponents of the New Deal were just heartless and evil businessman who wanted to continue making a buck like the Marxists teach. Finally, students are to learn the consequences of the New Deal, which are listed as “promoting workers’ rights, development of Social Security program, and banking and financial regulation, conservation practices, crop subsidies”- all good consequences and not a single bad consequence listed. Nowhere is it mentioned that the Great Depression was in reality several recessions, all caused by these policies, and that our nation didn’t recover from the Depression until FDR died and many of his policies were rejected and repealed in the 1950′s....
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Find out what is being taught in our nation's classrooms.  No wonder the parasites are proliferating!


Reliapundit said...


the commies brainwash our youth.

and then , it takes 10-20 years after they graduate for them to see reality.

if the commies didnt control the media and the academy, then they'd be dead here.

Always On Watch said...

The delay of 10-20 years is what the Left is counting on.

Even parents who homeschool often end up sending their children into a Leftist void so as to get a college education. I have seen a lot of conservative high school grads move to the far left in their first year in college. Total immersion usually works, you know.