Sunday, January 20, 2013


Speaking of Satmar, an investigation by the New York Daily News found that their unlicensed pseudo-therapist Nechemya Weberman had more victims:
She wasn't the only one.

Nechemya Weberman, the unlicensed Hasidic counselor slated to be sentenced Tuesday for sexually abusing a Brooklyn girl, violated at least 10 others — including teens and married women he counseled, a Daily News investigation revealed.

The self-proclaimed religious adviser even invoked Kabbalah — a form of Jewish mysticism — to convince his victims that having sex with him was kosher.

“He’s a monster,” said a man whose daughter was repeatedly brutalized by Weberman a couple of years before the victim at trial came forward. [...]

Other women who were sexually abused by Weberman refused to speak publicly for fear of retribution. But those close to them described a pattern of nurturing and grooming where he would shower outcast teens with attention, take them on road trips — and even buy them lingerie.

He told one young victim, “That ‘I learned Kabbalah and we were a couple in another incarnation,’ ” said a friend of the woman.

Rabbi Yakov Horowitz, who runs a Jewish youth program, said he was told by victims Weberman used the Kabbalah line on them too.

“The intimate acts he was performing were intended as a form of repentance for sins committed in their previous lifetimes,” said Horowitz.

He would tell teens who had been deemed troublemakers for being immodest, “No one will ever believe messed-up kids like them,” said Horowitz.

“A master manipulator,” said Rhonnie Jaus, chief of the sex crimes division at the Brooklyn district attorney’s office.
A most disgusting deceiver too. Abusing Kabbalah, acting like he was a god, and he even broke the law by not training for his "profession" and getting a license. Interesting how he had no problem with the female lawyer/attorney's aide sitting at the defendant's court desk wearing a sleeveless dress either. That actually gives away what a hypocrite he is on "modesty".
The News found five additional people who said they were aware of Weberman’s misconduct years before he was arrested. [...]

Prosecutors have stated in court they are aware of four married women and two underaged girls who were bedded by Weberman. The News has since found four more.
I hope they can persuade those other victims to leave the Satmar community, get them a witness protection program and help them find new lives, living quarters and learn how to work so they can find better lives away from that awful community. Indeed, that's exactly what they need to do in order to encourage the victims to help with their investigations.

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