Saturday, January 26, 2013


The left still idolizes Martin Luther King Junior.

Despite the fact that King was pro-life.

But today, no matter how much you may agree with a Leftie, if you are pro-life and pro-traditional marriage, they consider you a neanderthal - and they demonize you.

What happened to make the Left less tolerant?


Political Correctness is nothing more than a stalinistic tool used to purge the party ranks.

There are way some politicians can avoid demonization by the Left. When Obama ran and won election in 2008 he was pro-traditional marriage. HOW DID HE MANAGE THAT? He "winked" to the Left and they understood he'd "adapt"as soon as he could. AND HE DID JUST THAT. And now he's their idol. They trusted him in large part because as a State Senator he was a staunch supporter of abortion, even to the point of supporting infanticide.

Obama, Reid, and Pelosi are corrupt utopianists, and corrupt utopianist politicians are almost all on the left. The reason is simple: since they believe they CAN create a utopia on Earth, they believe that doing whatever is necessary to whomever gets in the way is perfectly justified - and they are willing to do it.

Hitler, Stalin, Mao and Bin Laden all believed that their evil acts were justified because they all believed that they were necessary in order to create a utopia on Earth.

When politicians - like Feinstein and Cuomo and Obama - advocate diminishing our G-d-given right to bear arms in our self-defense, then they are behaving in a way consistent with the REAL demons in human history - like Stalin and Hitler and Mao. Hence they are behaving demonically.

These utopianists are often corrupt because they are also willing to make dirty political deals and payoffs to achieve their version of "Heaven on Earth".

Democrat utopianists are especially corruptible because the Democrat Party is -and has been since FDR - a coalition of factions each seeking government largesse, rather than a party based on moral and political principles as the GOP is and has been since its inception.

There are fewer corrupt utopianists on the Right for another fundamental reason: fundamentally and essentially Conservatives don't believe that humans can create a utopianistic society - and that the best we can hope for is a society that allows the people to each enjoy their utmost personal G-d-given rights and their liberties and can pursue Happiness in their own way, and achieve as much Happiness as they can. Some will do spectacularly well, and some will fail - (but perhaps enjoy trying!). Since Conservatives don't believe guaranteeing outcomes is possible without tyranny; Conservatives accept the fact that "your results may differ".

This is realism. And realism hasn't perpetrated any genocide in human history; whereas utopianism has perpetrated the genocide of a billion people  - (when you add socialist genocide to islamic genocide).

The only demonic people in the political sphere are the ones who advocate any and all means to achieve their utopia. Whether they advocate terror or just taking away our G-d-given rights - like the right to self  defense.

BOTTOM-LINE:  a person who wants a baby in the womb to go full term and be born - to LIVE - is not, and cannot ever be, a demon, while those who deny the fetus is a human being are - in their own terms - acting demonically.

Think about it.

Abortion will no longer be an issue that divides America when  boys and girls who were once fetuses who were "permitted" to go to term and "permitted" to be born want the same sons and daughters and their grandchildren and their grandchildren's grandchildren.

And, when they accept that the best society is one in which people retain their G-d-given rights and pursue Happiness with as little government interference as possible.


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