Friday, December 14, 2012


The New York Daily News reports that the followers of convicted child abuser Nechemya Weberman in the Satmar sect of Williamsburg are continuing in the demonization of his victim and her family:
Backers of convicted child molester Nechemya Weberman have wreaked vengeance upon the teenage victim’s family and her sympathizers, sources told the Daily News.

Since Weberman was convicted on 59 counts of sexual abuse Monday, his supporters in the insular Satmar Hasidic sect have told customers to boycott the victim’s parents’ businesses, pulled advertising dollars from an Orthodox radio show and spat at an anti-molestation activist.

“It’s getting serious,”
a law enforcement source told The News.

Meanwhile, the pervert’s posse took out a two-page spread in the Williamsburg-based Satmar community’s largest newspaper in an effort to raise $1 million for an appeal.

“The entire community is sitting on that defendant’s bench God forbid,” reads the two-page spread in the Der Yid newspaper. “In the coming weeks we must come up with a million dollars to be able to continue pursue the case to rescue the ‘scapegoat’ Nechemya.”

Sources close to the case say the unnamed group hopes to hire famed criminal defense attorney Alan Dershowitz, who helped get O.J. Simpson acquitted of murder.
Man, the Satmar really make me sick. And if they're going to turn to Dershowitz, or he takes the case, that'll be one more reason to look in shame upon a pretentious attorney like him.
The victim testified during the trial that after she filed a February 2011 criminal complaint against the prominent counselor, her father’s business listing operation started bleeding clients, her nieces were kicked out of their yeshiva, and three men stormed her husband’s restaurant to rip off its kosher certificate. The restaurant is now shuttered.

Women also began to shun her mother’s side business selling Mary Kay cosmetics.

“Some have gone. And some have come,” the mother shrugged.

After the guilty verdict, a text message began circulating in the community. Translated from Yiddish by The News, it reads:

“Please send around to at least 10 people. If you’re going to (name redacted) to make your face . . . you are a part of killing the Jewish Nation and five kids are home without a father,” referring to Weberman’s children.
Excuse me? Jews who commit crimes against other Jews and think being religious/Haredi/Satmar means never having to say they're sorry are the ones killing it, not the victims. And it's the pervert dad's fault if his kids are now left without a father who set a bad example for them before he went to prison. It's awful to think what mindset these children will develop in the future so long as they're raised under the Satmar's idea of what passes for education.
“The pressure — it’s unbelievable,” the victim’s mother told The News on Thursday. “I can’t take it anymore.”
This is why the victim's family have to leave that awful sect behind and start developing their business and jobs in other neighborhoods, societies and communities where it's more open and less insular.
Zev Brenner, a radio personality who hosts a popular show called “Talkline” that caters to Orthodox Jews, said he already lost one sponsor, and is fighting to keep others.

His crime? He interviewed Brooklyn District Attorney Charles Hynes about the case.

“We had the DA on and we had the victim’s husband [after the verdict],” Brenner said. “One person is not happy about it and won’t advertise.”

Brenner said his program, which has been on the air for 31 years, tries to be impartial, but reporting on the high-profile trial has been tough, he said.

“He has a vocal group of supporters,” Brenner said on the convicted perv. “People are upset.”
For all the wrong reasons, I'm afraid. I do believe this is another guy who should be moving shop to a more sensible neighborhood, away from these perv-worshiping thugs. The idolatry in motion here is chilling. The victim is still going to need a lot of support from the more sensible Jewish communities in the US to deal with these lunatics. At least this does give a clearer picture of just how screwed up the Satmar sect really is.

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