Sunday, November 25, 2012


If, like me, you read comic books years ago, you may be familiar with Gerry Conway, who wrote a bundle of leading series for Marvel, DC and a few other companies between 1968-93, and went on to work in TV writing/producing.

But this week, I made the devastating revelation that he's part of the worst of the leftist crowd you can find in Hollywood when I took a look at his Twitter account, and found him attacking Benjamin Netanyahu for all the wrong reasons:

So he buys into what the MSM tells him hook line and sinker, despite Melanie Phillips and Elder of Zion's research that shows the tolls aren't what he thinks and that a lot of the casualties in Gaza were caused by the jihadists themselves? And does he also buy into the lie of a palestinian Islamic/Arab people?

I read plenty of Conway's comic book work years ago, and one of the first comics I read in my childhood was written by him (an issue of the Fantastic Four). I've got plenty of his work in my collection, some available in paperbacks, others not. I thought he had plenty of merits back in the day too. And he returns the favor by siding with Israel's enemies and parroting the leftarded mantra that "Bibi" is a warmonger? It's truly devastating. He even says:

What about Ismail Haniyeh, Mahmoud Abbas, and even Mohammed Morsi? And what about the willingness of people like you to turn a blind eye at the Koran's contents? Conway also says:

So I guess yours truly who enjoyed his work of yore is just a Zionist piece of crap who should be smashed into the dust? And is Will Eisner, who more or less slammed Islamofascism and its use of even non-Islamic works of anti-semitism to fuel the jihadist fires in his last graphic novel, also someone whom he scorns? How is it that a guy who was given a great job by Jewish editors and publishers returns the favor by attacking their bloodbrothers back in Zion by siding with blood libels? It makes no difference what the political positions of the Jewish Marvel/DC staff were like years before; what Conway's doing is an alarming show of disrespect for the comics medium's Jewish founders. Come to think of it, he's also disrespected ex-Muslims and even Armenians. How the mighty have fallen. Years before, he wrote a story in Justice League of America #188 where the Atom celebrated Hanukah with some of his colleagues. This is a basic betrayal of that neat tale. But I guess this can only be expected of someone whose later body of work was as producer of Law & Order, mainly the spinoff called Criminal Intent. There were moments in the franchise when it featured stories fairly hostile to Jews, including this one.

I suppose the best way to sum this up is that I don't regret reading his older work from his younger years as a comics writer. But that doesn't mean I can excuse this modern mindset he now goes by. And his work as a TV writer/producer, that I understand, and L&O is something I'd rather avoid like the plague. In the end, thanks very much Mr. Conway, for telling someone who thought you did have talent as a comics writer that you're siding with the enemies of his country, the Islamofascists. Creatures who, you can be quite sure, are as hostile and hateful of the Jewish publishers you worked for as they are against any Jewish resident of Israel. And thanks for implying you see nothing wrong with Koranic verses like Sura 2:223 either. Conway is clearly the kind of man who really lost direction when he turned more to screenwriting than comic books, even though comics writers aren't saints either. If I were Jerry Siegel or Joe Shuster and I saw how low he'd stooped, I'd be feeling absolutely awful.

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