Friday, August 24, 2012


All over the country, we can tell the simple truth that the media fears to tell: “In any war between the civilized man and the savage, support the civilized man. Defeat jihad. Support Israel.” 
Israel ad

The First Amendment still exists, even in this age of Obama, and Muslims aren’t a protected class in the U.S. – at least not yet. 
This is great news. But these ads aren’t cheap. We are running these ads in New York, California, DC and NY's Metro-North. The least expensive run for ads in the New York City subway system is $10,000.Islamic supremacists and Hamas front groups, funded by unsavory, shadowy figures overseas, are running anti-Israel hate ads all over the country. We intend to match them city for city. 
The court ruling shows that we have just as much right to tell the truth as they do to spread their lies, and we intend to do it. 
We’re also continuing our lawsuit against Detroit’s SMART transit system for refusing to run our ads offering help to Muslims who want to leave Islam but are threatened for doing so: we already won that case, but Detroit’s dhimmi authorities still won’t put our ads up. 
Everywhere they restrict our First Amendment rights, we will sue. Everywhere. And everywhere we win – and we will continue to win – we will put up our ads in defense of truth, freedom and human rights. 
But the costs continue to mount. We do so much with so little. We are not backed by wealthy foundations or philanthropists, and do not have a massive donor base. We depend solely on you: on individuals who value the freedom of the individual and the dignity of the human person. Without your support, we would not have been able to get this far. Now that we have won the battle for free speech, please help us follow through and place as many ads as we can. 
Please donate via Paypal to writeatlas@aol.com or tax-deductible to director@jihadwatch.org. 
We don’t get salaries and we don’t have a staff. Your contribution will go entirely to our work for freedom. And for that, may God bless you. 

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