Friday, August 31, 2012

Clint Eastwood's Speech At The RNC Set Exactly The Right Tone - He is One Citizen Stepping Up To Help Us Move Into A Better Direction


Wow. I am really surprised.

This is good stuff.

The media is saying Clint Eastwood was incoherent, addled, and confused.

The man spoke without notes, without a teleprompter, off the cuff. And he introduced himself at the beginning of the speech telling you he doesn't believe in razzle-dazzle, saying, "Conservative people, by the very nature of the word, play it close to the vest. They don't go around hot-dogging it."

Got it? He's not going to put on a fucking show for you. How hard is that to understand.

The problems we have are much more serious than that. As Eastwood notes, we have 23 million people out of work. That is serious enough to make Eastwood cry.

Unlike our celebrity President, Clint Eastwood does not believe he, or his celebrity ought to be the center of attention. He thinks the American People ought to be the Center of Attention.

This is a great speech, by an American concerned with the direction of the country, stepping up, and doing what he can to help us move into a better direction.


Here's what the article I read said of Eastwood and his speech,"Eastwood seemed to speak without notes, without a Tele-Prom-Ter and without a clue of what he wanted to say. ... He rambled about how America needed a businessman in charge. He came very close to using the f-word, making several feints at it. And he ran some ongoing gag about how he'd talk as long as he wanted to. The weirdness seemed to discomfit the audience... He may have been incoherent. But live TV is set up exactly for the Good, the Bad and the Spacey."
After reading that, I thought, "Oh no, one of the men I admire the most, for having remained intensely creative into his 80's - indeed some people have even said he has done his best work of late - is finally losing it. I don't want to watch this."

And then I watch is, and as I am, I'm looking for some disjointed sentences, or addled thoughts, something that resembled the man described in the article linked above. But, I find none. All the thoughts flow from one to the next.

Here's what I think may have confused people. People who watch TV are used to watching TV actors and anchormen and other people who have mastered the art of television.

But, Eastwood is a movie actor. In fact, he is a movie actor who is specifically known for mumbling and growling most of his lines. He doesn't do the comedic rhythm of sitcoms. His specialty is speech that sounds natural, as it explodes off the big screen.

Here we find him acting the part of a man who gets to "have a chat" (his words) with the President. He is speaking the way such a man would. He is not yukking it up. The man he is playing here (the part he is acting) is not confused. He is stammering because he is attempting to interrupt the self-important bloviations of the man from whom we have come to expect no answers as he sits in his empty chair, filling his empty suit; Barack Obama.

It was actually very well-acted stagecraft.

The fact that the other person had to be imagined sitting there, may have made it even harder for Libs, who are used to getting the entirety of their reality spoonfed to them with the glib comedic timing off the TV-heads of the MSM.


Anonymous said...

How many ways can one say, "mistake"?
Republican convention went off the rails with this one.

Is this a taste of what Republican good judgment looks like?
What the hell were they thinking?

This was the last night of the Republican convention.
And we are given this?

I love Eastwood.
But only managed to feel sorry for him.
And to feel sorry for the poor bozo who talked the convention committee into this stunt.

Always On Watch said...

I concur, Pastorius.

Pastorius said...


Reliapundit said...

this post made my day.