Sunday, May 27, 2012


Via Breitbart, here's news of a pre-teen who's raising money for a special monument in Normandy for WW2 veterans.

Besides being a very inspiring story, I'd say it's worth considering that Americans who really do care about Europe's fate - what with the Islamization of the continent - might want to something special in another way for Europe as well: back in WW2, they fought the nazi machine in combat. In today's environment, why not help Europeans by campaigning for drafting laws that can help defend their continent against Islamofascism, by forming special delegations that can travel to Europe and give speeches and courses and most importantly of all, speak before parliaments?

I'd say it's an idea that needs to be very strongly considered since this is something that affects America's future as well. After all, to defend against evil ideologies needs more than to be fought in combat, it needs to be fought on the legal front as well. It's something that even families of Islamic terror victims could help work on.

So I do hope this is an idea that'll be taken up as soon as possible.

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