Monday, April 09, 2012

School Removes Students Mural Because It Depicted a Mother and Father

I'm not embellishing this story at all.
Check it out:

Elizabeth Bierenday, a junior at at Pilgrim High School in Warwick, Rhode Island, found out her mural, showing a boy growing up into an adult with a wife and family, was so offensive it had to be painted over. According to a local NBC 10 news report out of Warwick, Bierenday was asked by the school to paint a mural:
Bierenday showed the school's assistant principal the sketches, which were approved. Bierenday said she started to paint the mural last week, when an assistant principal came to her with a problem. 
Some people at the school felt the mural didn't accurately represent many students at Pilgrim and school officials decided to paint over the right side. Warwick Superintendent Peter Horoschak said he just found out about the issue on Thursday and sided with Bierenday saying she should be allowed to paint her original design. 
NBC 10 spoke with a few parents and they agreed with the superintendent. 
On Friday, Bierenday spoke with John DePetro on WPRO-AM about the mural and said she was told that her original design may be offensive or a religious symbol.
A final decision is scheduled to be made about the mural next week. 
You can be absolutely sure that, if this girl had drawn a mural with two fathers, the school would NOT have painted over the students mural.

The school has decided that Gay is Moral and Heterosexual is Immoral.


Unknown said...

Sigh just unbelievable!
Soon they will forbid to have such thoughts.
First thing i would do is remove my kid from such a dictatorial school.
That's what you get with a Pres who won't defend marriage.

Always On Watch said...

Are you kidding me???

For God's sake!

We are devolving and sinking into the abyss.