Thursday, February 02, 2012

Shoe and stone throwing greet the UN convoy in Gaza

Ban Ki-Moon's convoy, on their visit to Gaza today, received quite a welcome from the Islamists they're so obsessed with appeasing:
Dozens of Palestinians threw shoes, sticks and stones at U.N. Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon's convoy as it crossed into the Gaza Strip on Thursday, protesting against what they saw as a slight against Palestinians jailed in Israel.

No one was injured during the hostile welcome and the vehicles, which crossed into the Hamas-ruled territory from southern Israel, pushed through the crowd and sped away.

Ban is visiting the region to try to restart long-stalled Israeli-Palestinian peace talks.

"I thank the people of Gaza for the warm welcome," he told a news conference, provoking laughter among local journalists. "I met many people who were waiting for me at the entrance."
How about that; he sees nothing wrong with Islamists carrying on with that dismal belief that shoe-throwing is an insult, and no matter how much they might despise him, he's still willing to be a dhimmi.

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