Wednesday, November 16, 2011


The Likud in the Knesset is making a worthy proposal:
A new proposal by Likud MKs Danny Danon and Yariv Levin promises to put an end to the uniquely Israeli phenomenon of “do-gooding” groups taking it upon themselves to represent in petitions before the High Court individuals or groups that in their judgment have been damaged. The phenomenon is often associated with leftist groups representing Arabs seeking to dislodge Jews from property and homes; the Arabs are generally not a party to the petition, but the court, when asked to, often takes these cases on and, more often than not, rules in favor of the Arabs – without their having even signed an agreement to allow the groups to represent them.

According to the new law, groups would be allowed to file petitions on the part of complainants only if they attach their names to the petition. In addition, the law will require that only Israeli groups be allowed to file petitions – as opposed to the current situation, where groups from the PA and abroad file petition on all manner of issues on behalf of individuals whom the groups claim have had their rights violated – often without permission or even the knowledge of the people whose rights they claim to be fighting for. In addition, the group filing the petition will be required to release the sources of its income and who its main donors over the last three years were.

“The left uses the High Court to advance its political agenda, and this bring dishonor on the court,” Danon said. Groups like Peace Now, he said, file High Court petitions at the drop of a hat and damage the image and effectiveness of the Court.
Unless those who the leftists supposedly represent are part of this, they cannot be allowed to just go ahead and file a suit.

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Unknown said...

YEAAA...If only the Lawyers Guild wasn't in Obama's pocket we might be able to do something similar.