Sunday, October 16, 2011

Occupy Wall Street organizer has history of anti-semitic writing

Another topic I'm only getting around to belatedly, but better late than never. I know that the Occupy movement's already been proving themselves truly atrocious. But Alana Goodman at Commentary has found signs that they have some of the most truly despicable people organizing the movement, such as head honcho Kalle Lasn, who has a history of anti-semitic writing.

To make matters worse, the American Nazi Party is also supporting this ludicrous movement. And as this article tells, the Occupy movement appears to be making a push for global socialism. And if you can, take a look at this item about how the movement in Portland was using the f-bomb while chanting anti-Americanism. This is not something the country needs.

Update: Newsbusters indicates that we can't count on the MSM to report the anti-semitism/racism cropping up at these Occupy rallies either.

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