Monday, October 24, 2011

European children are being brainwashed into ‘respecting’ Islam

European children are being brainwashed into ‘respecting’ Islam with school-organized mosque visits and syllabuses that give undue prominence to a mythical Islamic ‘Golden Age.’

The picture below is from La Roche in France. The newspaper headline school pupils immerse themselves in Islam at La Roche mosque.”

Islam vs Europe  Here’s an excerpt from the British government website that provides information on the national curriculum. It describes a programme of lessons called “The Achievement of Muhammad (pbuh)” and discusses how to grade the childrens’ essays, quoting a few examples:
Over a number of lessons, the pupils had read and discussed texts about Muhammad’s (pbuh) life, covering his family’s reaction to his claims, as well as the reaction of people in Mecca and Medina. The pupils debated Muhammad’s (pbuh) achievements in groups and as a class.
As homework the teacher asked the pupils to answer the following assessment questions: Discuss the main events in Muhammad’s (pbuh) life that led others to believe he was a prophet from Allah (attainment target 1 beliefs, teachings and sources). What do you think Muhammad (pbuh) achieved in his life? (attainment target 2 meaning, purpose and truth).
Here’s a photo from of a trip to a mosque where British female students are forced to bow down to Allah:
Here are some excerpts from the children’s essays:
JOHN: “I think the main events in Muhammad’s life which led others to believe he was a prophet were when he had a vision from Gabriel in a cave outside Mecca. Some may think that he could have made it up but I think he was telling the truth because he was so convinced and honest that it could well have happened. Also he has so much to back him up and he couldn’t have just made it all up. Personally I think Muhammad was a great man and he had much strength and courage to do what he did and he has only God to thank for that.”
ALEX: Muhammad achieved an extremely big thing in his life. Creating a religion is very hard but creating a religion that is the second biggest in the world is even harder.
LAURA: Muhammad left his country and moved to Medina. During his time there he saw how much hatred there was, so he took it upon himself to do something about it. He brought the Medinian and Meccan Muslims together, and got them working alongside each other. …He preached to people who believed in many gods ad whose lives were full of sin and united religions and differences… I believe spreading the news of what you believe in, and totally changing a country from bad to good is a great achievement in anyone’s life.
[Message to American parents from BNI: Your children may be subjected to the same kind of Islamic brainwashing in their schools. Make sure you know what/if they are teaching them about Islam and raise Hell with the school board at any hints of Islamic indoctrination. It has already happened in some US public schools and American parents have succeeded in getting it eliminated from the curriculum.
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Alan W. Wright said...

I can't believe there wasn't at least one British parent who didn't object to this! I would be down at that school in a heartbeat raising all kinds of hell and pulling my kid out of that school! This is unbelievable!

Always On Watch said...

Message to American parents from BNI: Your children may be subjected to the same kind of Islamic brainwashing in their schools.

It's already happening! I know for a fact that some lesson plans in Fairfax County, Virginia, have included similar, if not identical, activities.