Wednesday, October 19, 2011

China Will Collapse - Chinese toddler ignored by 18 passers-by after she was the victim of a hit and run

For years, we have been predicting the inevitable collapse of China here at Astute Bloggers. Even when it was more fashionable to predict that China's GDP would soon top that of America, here at the Astute Bloggers we were predicting doom for China?


Because China has been built upon a foundation of ideas which are both immoral and, ultimately, unworkable.

China's Gendercide of women will create terrible problems as there will be a dire shortage of marriageable women.

China's one-child policy will all but shut down population growth, meaning China will not have the increasing population numbers needed to support their Socialist Ponzi scheme.

China's lack of fundamental freedom's is not conducive to the kind of free thinking needed for innovation. (China's pillaging of American ingenuity  -completely ignoring international patent law - proves China has a dearth of it's own idea.)

This story coming out of China today, and published in the London Telegraph, is yet more evidence of the rot of Chinese Civilization:

Chinese toddler who was ignored by 18 passers-by after she was the victim of a hit and run

Two-year-old Wang Yue suffered serious head and abdominal injuries last Thursday after she was run over by two cars in a wholesale market in China's southern Guangdong Province in an incident that was captured on closed-circuit cameras and triggered worldwide outrage and disbelief.

"She had an emergency operation this morning at 9am and the doctors haven't told us anything since then," her grandfather, who gave his name only as Mr Wang, told The Telegraph.

"I can say only two things: one is that the Little Yueyue's condition has started to deteriorate since last night, and we are doing everything in our power to save her," she said at the hospital gates.

"Second, we will use every means and all available resources [to save her], but as to the end result, we can only inform you of that tomorrow." The downbeat assessment comes after the hospital's head of neurosurgery said on Tuesday that Yueyue was likely to remain in a persistent vegetative state even if she survived her massive physical injuries.

Her mother and father, who owned a small stall in the wholesale market in the nearby town of Foshan, have refused to enter into the debate over how 18 people could ignore their daughter as she bled to death on the roadside.

"I won't judge them. Let them make their own judgment," Yueyue's mother told the China Daily newspaper. "If they are married and have children, they will know. But I bear no grudge and refuse to be disappointed by society. Many kind people have come to help."

She added that despite the bleak outlook, she was still hoping for a miracle for her daughter who slipped out of the house when her seven-year-old brother went out to play.

"I didn't care for my child very well, and it's my fault," Mrs Qu said, "But Yue Yue can't leave her mother and her mom won't leave her."
Quite frankly, the mother's acquiescence to fate, and her refusal to be "disappointed by society" is evidence of China's festering moral putrefaction.

In a decent society, such a turn of events would inspire a natural horror and disgust from all. In a decent society, one can depend, and expect to depend, on his fellows.

China is Gomorrah.

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