Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Obama and Holder sneak Somali terrorist into NYC for a civilian trial in criminal court

Did you know that a suspected Somali terrorist was sneaked into a U.S. criminal court in New York City over the July 4th holiday?

Most people don’t. While we were all distracted by celebrating our Independence Day President Obama was sneaking foreign terrorists into our civil court system instead of taking him to Guantanamo.

A few weeks ago, Reuters reported that Somali terrorist Ahmed Abdulkadir Warsame was brought to New York City to face criminal charges in our home-based court system on July 4th, yet.

Warsame was captured in April in the Gulf region and was held aboard a U.S. Naval ship until July being questioned by the military and the FBI.

The Obama administration did not tell the American people ahead of time that a terrorist was being placed in our civil court system. This is precisely the situation that the Guantanamo facility was created to prevent. Our court system couldn’t put murderers like Casey Anthony and OJ Simpson away but Obama is going to start bringing terrorists into our homeland and into our deeply flawed courts?
Obama and Holder don't give a crap about our safety, but they care very deeply about mofo jihado-terror scum like this piece of crap Somali getting every possible benefit if our legal system.

They should both be impeached for this.

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