Friday, July 29, 2011

The House - and not the Senate or Obama - represents the people on the debt ceiling and the deficit

The House is up for election EVERY 2 YEARS.

The last election was 2010 - and it was a historic landslide for the GOP and especially for conservatives and even more so for the Tea party movement. The House switched from a strong Democrat [party and very liberal body to a strong GOP and very conservative body.

That reflects EXACTLY where the electorate is: ABOUT 60% conservative.

The Senate remained in Democrat party control after the 2010 election, BUT ONLY BECAUSE JUST 1/3 OF SENATORS WERE UP FOR RE-ELECTION. Most of the truly contestable Senate contests were won OVERWHELMINGLY by GOP candidates and conservatives ones. Look at it this way: 37% of the Senate seats were up for election and most of the seats that were truly at risk were won by CONSERVATIVE GOP candidates. WIKI:
Of the above 37 seats up for election in 2010, 19 were held by Democrats (seven of whom retired or were defeated in the primary) and 18 were held by Republicans (eight of whom retired or were defeated in the primary).

As in most midterm elections, the party not controlling the White House gained ground. Republicans defeated two Democratic incumbents: Blanche Lincoln of Arkansas and Russ Feingold of Wisconsin; they also won open seats in Illinois, Indiana, North Dakota and Pennsylvania.

This was the largest number of Senate gains for the party since the 1994 election and also the first time since that election that they successfully defended all of their own seats.

The GOP held 100% of their own seats and took 35% of the Democrat seats.


Obama's poll number reflect the EXACT same thing: Obama is now at 40% approval and 60% disapproval.

In a logical and fair AND SANE political world, the Senate Democrats and Obama would adjust their positions on the debt ceiling and spending and the deficit and taxes to reflect this OVERWHELMINGLY conservative mood of the electorate.

But they haven't. Instead they are demanding that the House adjust to their position.


The Senate and Obama are more concerned about their re-election campaigns in 2012 than they are worried about our government's finances and our nation's future.

They disgust me.

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