Wednesday, June 08, 2011

US sends ‘radical’ Islam activist to meet British Muslim youths.

The day after the Government’s Prevent policy decisively rejected the notion that “non violent Islamists”  should not be promoted and funded, supposedly as a bulwark against Al Qaeda, we discover that the US Government is actively undermining that policy.US sends ‘radical’ Islam activist to meet British Muslim youths(From The Times/Paywall):
 The United States Embassy has caused uproar by flying an outspoken American Islamic campaigner to meet young British Muslims as part of a strategy to help them to reject terrorism. Basim Elkarra is a senior figure in an organisation that has been accused on Capitol Hill of radicalising Muslims and obstructing co-operation with the forces of law and order. British anti-extremism experts said they were shocked that the US Government was introducing teenagers to an organisation that promotes Islamic political activism. Mr Elkarra was due to be sent last month into the London borough of Tower Hamlets, which has a worsening reputation for intimidation by Muslim extremists.
 Read the rest here: http://hurryupharry.org/2011/06/08/the-us-government-sends-an-islamist-extremist-to-tower-hamlets/

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