Wednesday, June 15, 2011


Nonie Darwish has written on Front Page Magazine (via The Blaze) about sex-slave advocation in the Muslim world, and a Kuwaiti woman has already "prostituted" herself for the sake of this vulgarity:
When Muslim Sheikhs discuss the topic of sexual slavery of women, which is allowed in the Qur’an, it comes out a bit politically incorrect even to the taste of the majority of Muslims, who have long forgotten that slavery is a well-established institution in Islam. Saudi Arabia officially abolished slavery as late as 1962, not because Islam made the Saudis do it, but because the Saudis wanted to save face after an international cry against slavery. But now some Muslims are demanding its return. So Muslim spin misters are advocating the embarrassing, but legal, topic through the mouths of Muslim women.

A Kuwaiti woman who is called an “activist” and former candidate to the Kuwaiti parliament, spoke to the Kuwait Times about the establishment of a new law permitting men to buy and sell non-Muslim girls, captured in jihad, as sexual slaves in order to protect Muslim men against seductive sexual immorality. The Arabic Al Arabiya had more details on what that woman, Salwa al-Mutairi, is advocating:

Ms. Mutairi who was nice enough to put the minimum age of 15 for slave girls, Christian Jews or other, to be sold. She demanded the immediate establishment of slave agencies just like agencies for maids, where the slave girls will earn a whopping 50 Kuwaiti Dinar monthly and in return will cook, clean, take care of the kids and be the slave of the wife during the day. But her job does not end there; at night, whenever Mutairi is not in the mood, then her husband will not stray too far away from the house, since it is halal (kosher) for the husband to have sex with the slave girls without any marriage or unnecessary paper to satisfy his sexual pleasures. Better do it at home under the watchful eyes of the wife and kids only for 50 Dinars. Wow, what a deal!

Mutairi was especially interested in Russian slave girls since Muslim men do prefer them blond. Russian, European and American blond women, better watch out, the Muslims are coming! The plan is for Muslims in Chechnya to kidnap Russian girls after a jihadist operation and then will sell them to the Kuwaitis. The price of the sale per her suggestion would be 2500 Kuwaiti dinars.
By any chance, does this sound like "aryan worship" in reverse? In a way, I figure, it is. This is also coming soon after the equally gross news of a cleric in Egypt who declared it okay to take infidel women as sex slaves. It's even more disturbing though, when a Muslim woman condones the practice, courtesy of the Islamic indoctrination, of course.

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Anonymous said...

No surprise Muslim women go along with it (as if they had a choice) and as an added reward for them the guys are busy beating and raping someone else and leaving them alone for awhile. Is there anything good to be found in that sick fanatical so called religion. It is political barbarism sold as religion.