Friday, June 10, 2011


The former Mr. Spock of Star Trek has done just what Peace Now was doubtlessly hoping he'd do, and spoke in favor of 2-state solutions:
The Americans for Peace Now (APN) organization published Tuesday a letter written by actor Leonard Nimoy, best known for his role as Spock in the original Star Trek series and movies, in which the actor supports the establishment of a two-state solution.

The 80-year-old actor called upon the American people to support the peace initiative.

"I reach out to you as someone who is troubled to see the conflict between Israelis and Palestinians continue apparently without an end in sight," Nimoy wrote.

"In fact, there is an end in sight. It's known as the two-state solution - a secure, democratic Israel as the Jewish State alongside an independent Palestinian state. Even Israel's nationalist Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu, has come to see this as the shape of the future. The problem is how to reach that end point. It's something we should be concerned about - not only as world citizens, but as Americans."

He went on to write that he supports the division of Jerusalem, mentioning 50 other prominent Israelis, including former heads of the Mossad, the Shin Bet and the military who support a two-state solution.

"There is a sizable number of influential voices in Israel saying the same thing… a call for two states for two nations. Their plan includes a Palestinian state alongside Israel with agreed-upon land swaps. The Palestinian-populated areas of Jerusalem would become the capital of Palestine; the Jewish-populated areas the capital of Israel."
Clearly, he has been orbiting for a long time now, is uninformed, and clearly uninterested in the polls showing that %77 oppose withdrawals (Hat tip: One Jerusalem). He may not be lying, but he definitely is an uninformed space-head, and his statement is insulting to Americans too.

But then, I've long grown weary of Star Trek lore, and I began to notice how there are some awkward leftist notions in its theme - belief in one government, for example. No wonder as time went by, I lost interest in the whole franchise. And no wonder he seems to hold such a galling stance.

Scotty, beam him up to the sickbay, please! Captain, set warp drive for level 10 highest speed to somewhere we won't need to hear his boring blubbering again.

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