Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Does Obama Hate Black People? His Policies and Actions Perpetuate Negative Stereotypes of Black Males

Quick, what are some negative stereotypes of Black American males?

1) They don't work:

Employment rate for black men in U.S. sinks to record low

2) They rap about carrying guns and murdering people:

Michelle Obama Hosts Vile Rapper at White House

Remember, Barack Obama was not raised by Black People. He is a half-white/half-black American, raised by white people. His father may have contributed to his skin color, but the family who raised him acculturated him.

He is not culturally a Black American. He is culturally a White-American. A White American President perpetuating ugly black stereotypes.

Good job, Obama. You idiot. 


Christine said...

I agree with you. But, this is also how the Democrats have worked too.

The perpetrate the low income, high crime mentality. They tell these people that they have no choice but to be the way they are.

Pastorius said...

Good point. For me, the hypocrisy is more galling when it comes from a man posing as a denizen of Black American Culture.

Bill Clinton seemed more black than Obama.

Reliapundit said...

obama is not an african-american.

he is a kenyan-american.

me and my WHITE JEWISH family were more involved in the civil rights movement than the dunhams.

ancestors of obama's on his maternal side were actually slaveowners.

obama has had no direct life experience related to the african american experience.

the biggest fraud of obama is not the birth cert crap.

it's that he convinced african americans that he was one of them.

he is not.

obama is a postmodern leftist, not a black.

he ws raised as a muslim in indonesia and in a richy-rich private school in hawaii.

not in any ghetto.

all of his adult education years were under the tutelage of socialists.

and socialism is bad for blacks and all poor people.

just look at cuba and north korea and china and the ussr.