Monday, May 09, 2011


Again, Germany's society raises serious questions about just how sorry they are for the bigotry they committed during WW2:
A German city funded and hosted a pro-Hamas “The Return Generation Knows the Way” conference Saturday, complete with Nazi terminology and incitement for suicide bombings.

The Hamas-linked anti-Israel Palestine Return Center in London, which has become a de facto center for Hamas and other radical Muslim groups, hosted the confab that in the words of the American Jewish Committee, has the single aim of “the denial of the existence of the State of Israel.” [...]

The Hamas conference in the city of Wuppertal also has adapted the Nazi slogan of the “final solution,” which referred to the death machine that gassed, butchered and starved 6 million Jews in the Holocaust, and has twisted it around to promote a “final solution” for foreign Arabs allegedly claiming Israel as home.

"The conference unites extremist forces throughout Europe with well-meaning but naïve supporters of the peace process who turn a blind eye to the profoundly anti-Zionist and anti-Semitic nature of the previous eight conferences." according to Deidre Berger, Director of the AJC Berlin Ramer Institute for German-Jewish Relations.

Similiar conferences, which are held primarily in Arabic, attract thousands of participants. Speakers at the conferences, including videotaped messages from Hamas officials, deny Israel’s right to existence, reject peace negotiations and glorify suicide bombings.

“German officials send mixed signals when they declare support for the government of Israel but allow conferences to take place on German soil with speakers who openly deny Israel’s right to existence,” said Berger.
I'm still wondering why anybody wastes their time with any of Germany's exports, if this is how their politicians, and especially society, are going to run their business.

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Juniper in the Desert said...

This is certainly a big clue as to how civilisation could never have originated in the Germanic/Hanseatic forests. Even the Romans could not be bothered with them. It seems that in many of the european countries, Christianity is but a thin veneer that is rapidly cracking to show the nauseating barbarism coming through. Let them give over their land to mozlems: I hope I am around to see the result.