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Moynihan wrote about it DECADES ago.

(More/backgrounder here.)

The black family survived slavery. It survived the US Civil War. It survived Reconstruction, the KKK, Jim Crow, WW1 and WW2 - but it did not survive the welfare state and the Great Society.

Blacks emigrated from the south to the north to work in big cities and factories. Blacks were known as arduous if not prodigious workers with good church-going traditional family values and intact families.

Welfare changed that. Liberal policies changed that: liberals told black girls it was okay to have kids out of wedlock by paying them more for each kid. These same liberal policies told black men it was okay to knock up black women and not marry them or pay child support. At the same time the liberals were pushing their postmodern leftist crap in the schools and in the media telling everyone that God was dead or that other old leftist chestnut that religion was the opiate of the masses. These liberal policies are why blacks suffer so much today.


Okay: which ethnic group is the poorest in the USA?

Native Americans. yet they get the most welfare. It's no coincidence. Welfare promotes poverty.
Lookit: nobody ever got rich on handouts or charity or the welfare dime. Prosperity has never EVER been created by redistribution.


China. Under TOTAL control of MAO and his socialist comrades for 30 years they just got poorer and poorer and less free. Then Deng Xiao Peng took over and loosened things up, introducing some free-markets and the place became prosperous almost immediately: 400 MILLION people have been lifted out of poverty in China - NOT by socialism or redistribution or welfare but by INVESTMENT, sweat shops, factories globalization and FOREIGN INVESTMENT. NEED ANOTHER EXAMPLE? Okay... Korea: North Korea is the welfare state and it's starving; South Korea is RICH oh, and... er, um... free.

So when the leftist scum running the Democrat party says the GOP wants to starve seniors and destroy the earth - as Pelosi and Markey said this past week - THEY ARE FREAKING LYING.

IN FACT: Nothing could be farther from the truth.

The sad truth is that LIBERAL policies are bad for poor people, and conservative GOP policies are good for them

The left want people to believe that the GOP is for the rich - the top 2%, and corporations, but this is stinky smelly old foul BULLSHIT.

As Reagan said, a rising tide lifts ALL boats.

And all that higher taxes and more government and more regulations do is lower the tide - FOR EVERYONE.

The whole damn CLASS WARFARE argument of the left is BS.

One old lefty asked me the other day if it bothered me that the rich got richer and that the top 2% own 45% of the USA.

I SAID IT DIDN'T; their wealth-making didn't cost me a dime - in act ... IT HELPED ME!

Gates made 50 billion by helping me. Ditto Jobs and the fellas at Google. They - and the other billionaires and multi-millionaires made their money by providing the public goods and/or services the public WANTED. They didn't hold a gun to our heads. They made a better mouse trap and that made my life better, not worse. They improved life for everyone - not just themselves, not just the rich - BUT EVERYONE. That's why they got wealthy.

That's why they DESERVED to get wealthy.

The left thinks the economy is a zero-sum-game - as if the rich can only get richer if they're taking a bigger slice of a finite pie. But that's not REALITY.

In the real world, prosperity is a growing pie. Look at it this way: are nthe folks in the bottom 15% of income better off now than in 1946? YOU BETCHYA! And why? Because of the kinds of things that made some folks rich. Folks like the Fords and the Trump and the Rockefellers.

If you want to see what the world looks like when the rich get POORER then look at the USA in 2009.

It sucked.

Bottom-line: Pelosi and the libs want people to believe that only redistribution through taxes and government spending can fix things.

But they will only make things worse.

They always have; they always will.

The best policies for poor people are CONSERVATIVE polices.

That's why I like them.

I used to be a bleeding heart lib. A lib raised by card-carrying commies. But I saw the light.

And realized that the BEST policies for the poor were not LIBERAL, but conservative.

Reagan and Thatcher and Giuliani were right.

Pelosi and Carter and Obama - WRONG.

Cutting taxes and the size of government and the deficit and the national debt will NOT hurt poor people. It will be the best possible thing for them.

It will open up things here just as much as Deng Xiao Peng's policies did in China in the 1980's.

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