Tuesday, March 15, 2011


Diana West points to the following World Net Daily report by Aaron Klein, which tells:
JERUSALEM – Two members of Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas’ official security forces were arrested in conjunction with this past weekend’s bloody massacre in which five family members were brutally stabbed to death inside their home in the Jewish village of Itamar, WND has learned.

The names of the apprehended suspects will be released to the Israeli media within hours but were revealed to WND by security officials working on the murder.

Two cousins are now in Israeli custody and are suspected in the slayings. Ahmed Awad is an officer in Abbas’ Preventative Security Services in the northern West Bank city of Nablis. Iyad Awad is an officer in Abbas’ General Intelligence services in Ramallah.

Both the Preventative and General Intelligence services of Fatah are armed, trained and funded by the U.S.

The duo did not personally carry out the murders, but rather they assisting in the planning and logistics, informed security sources told WND.

Since the late 1990s, the U.S. has run training bases for PA militias. The U.S. also has provided hundreds of millions of dollars in financial aid and weapons to build up the PA militias.

Since 2007, the U.S. has stepped up its efforts at training the PA, including a new, advanced program for Palestinian police to train 500 to 600 cadets at a time at the American bases.

The U.S. currently operates training bases for the PA police and other militias, such as Force 17 and the Preventative Security Services in the West Bank city of Jericho and the Jordanian village of Giftlik
West also notes that generals Keith Dayton and Jim Jones, the latter a former Bush envoy who became Obama's national security adviser, were in charge of training these "security forces" and Jones even opposed US laws that prohibit US companies from supporting Arab boycotts of Israel. In fact, Caroline Glick spoke about this 2 years earlier.

Bush and Condoleeza Rice both owe an apology, along with Dayton and Jones for helping lead to this abomination. And Congress is going to have to call on the government to withdraw all funding and training for Fatah. There is a very serious case that's going to have to be made here, and even conservatives are going to have to take responsibility.

Update: Big Journalism discovers the NY Times desecrating the victims in favor of the terrorists, and once again explaining why nobody should buy them.

Update 2: Jeff Dunetz discusses how the MSM - including FOX News - dehumanized the victims, and once again, I am absolutely shocked at some people who would totally whitewash News Corp when they're no different than any other leftist media bastion.

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Stogie said...

Our foreign policy is truly insane. We are training and arming the very people who want to kill us and Israel.