Monday, February 07, 2011

Shimon HaTzaddik neighborhood gets 13 more Jewish homes

In another very pleasant note of how Israel is slowly reclaiming its heritage from Muslim grasp, the Jerusalem municipality has helped approve 13 more houses for Jewish families:
The Shimon HaTzaddik neighborhood in Jerusalem has received another boost towards regaining its Jewish status: The Jerusalem Municipality has approved the construction of 13 housing units for Jews there.

Two plans for the construction of two buildings near the ancient gravesite of Simon the Just were approved on Monday, and the Ministry of Interior will make the final decision as to whether to accept this “recommendation.”

Populated by many Jewish families before the War of Independence, the last remaining Jews of the neighborhood were banished by Arab violence and British “neutrality” in December 1947 and January 1948. The infamous Hadassah convoy massacre, implemented by murderous Arabs with the help of that same British “neutrality,” occurred just around the corner, killing 78. The Jewish-owned properties were populated by Jordanian Arabs following the War of Independence, and they continued living there even after the area was liberated, with the rest of Jerusalem, during the Six Day War in 1967.
Now, we're standing up and reclaiming our heritage, and slowly bringing back a much more welcome atmosphere to boot.

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