Sunday, February 06, 2011

Eric Holder and The New Black Panther Case -

Why the Black Panther Case Matters
Attorney General Eric Holder and his minions, along with some of their slavish apologists in the media, are deliberately trafficking in lies of great note. They prevaricate with great enthusiasm, and they excuse lawlessness with fierce disdain.

They -- both the Department of Justice (DOJ) officials and their leftist amanuenses pretending to be journalists -- brazenly ignore the public's right to information, and intentionally distract attention from relevant facts and from their own deep beliefs.

These conclusions arise from the accumulated weight of evidence in what should be a broadening scandal emanating from the infamous New Black Panther Party voter-intimidation case. Not that one would know it from the main pages or airtime of establishment-media outlets, but the Panther-related issue of race-based decision-making at DOJ reached crests last week on multiple fronts.

Deserving of howls of media outrage, but instead attracting barely a peep of protest, was the highly disturbing evidence of a major cover-up at DOJ, as discussed by both the Washington Times and the Heritage Foundation's Hans von Spakovsky. (Please do read both links for more information on those aspects of the scandal.)

Von Spakovsky makes an excellent argument that both internal investigative arms at DOJ are "protecting Obama's political appointees and disregarding their ethical and professional violations in the New Black Panther Party case."
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