Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Democracy in Egypt will not come with rushed elections

54 percent of gun-toting, Bible-thumping, anit-immigrant Palinistas believe that women and men should be segregated in the workplace, 82 percent believe that adulterers should be stoned, 84 percent believe that apostates should face the death penalty and 77 percent believe thieves should be flogged or have their hands cut off.

Oh, sorry, that's not right-wing Palinistas; it's EGYPTIANS, according to a Pew Poll.

And it's one reason why democracy in Egypt will not come with rushed elections.


... democracy is clearly a vast improvement over an autocracy. (Though, now that you bring it up, how many of you would choose to reside in one of those despotic Persian Gulf states with stipends, film festivals and casinos rather than a democratic Haiti?)

But democracy without a moral foundation, economic freedom, and a respect for individual and human rights has the potential not to be any kind of freedom at all. It takes more than democracy to be free.

We wish the Muslim world the best in shedding its dictatorships and theocracies and finding true liberty. But let's not confuse two distinct ideas.


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