Thursday, January 06, 2011

Evidence Jihadism Is Mainstream Islam

No sane person can any longer pretend that the enemies of freedom are a small minority of extremists.

Even the AP reported this: (emphasis added)
More than 500 Muslim scholars praised the man suspected of killing a Pakistani governor because the politician opposed blasphemy laws that mandate death for those convicted of insulting Islam. The group of scholars and clerics known as Jamat Ahle Sunnat is affiliated with a moderate school of Islam and represents the mainstream Barelvi sect. The group said in a statement Wednesday that no one should pray for Taseer or express regret for his murder.
The "Barelvi sect" is the leading Muslim tendency in India and Pakistan, representing the traditional Islam of the people against those, such as the allegedly more radical Deobandi sect, who seek a purification of Islam along the lines of Wahhabism or Salafism. Whatever, they still glorify murder and terror:

The increasing radicalization of Pakistani society was laid bare Wednesday when the nation’s mainstream religious organizations applauded the murder of provincial governor Salman Taseer earlier this week, while his killer was showered with rose petals as he appeared in court.

Taseer, 66, the governor of Punjab, the country’s most heavily populated province, was assassinated Tuesday by one of his police bodyguards after Taseer had campaigned to ease Pakistan’s blasphemy law. Religious groups threatened to kill others who questioned the blasphemy statute, which is designed to protect Islam and the Prophet Muhammad from “insult."

This is the lawless "Sharia Law" which "mainstream Muslims" and "moderates" like CAIR want to impose on the United States.

Murder and terror.

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