Tuesday, December 14, 2010

STOCKHOLM BOMBER: Who Stopped The Evil When Säpo Failed?

As details emerge about the Stockholm Bombers' identity, connnections, and evil intentions it seems more and more clear that the perpetrator should have been on the radar of both British and Swedish anti-terror units: He was thrown out of his mosque in Lutton for being too radical; he had been traveling to the mideast; and he even revealed his mindset on his facebook profile. Taimour abdulwahab al abdaly - armed with a car bomb, and 6 pipe bombs - hoped to kill and maim scores of innocents. It is not even clear that he intended to be a martyr. But witnesses have described that shortly after the car exploded Taimour dropped something, and bent over to pick it up - shortly thereafter one of his devices detonated prematurely. Just as in the case of the Copenhagen Bomber the divine protector has hindered the murder of innocents. Will the islamofacistjihadists ever get it?
Christmas shoppers are unaffected.

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