Wednesday, December 01, 2010

Liberal judge's injunction against Oklahoma shari'a ban must be appealed

Fortunately, politician Rex Duncan, the author of the bill, intends to appeal LaGrange's ruling. From the AP Wire (via Jihad Watch):
Former state Rep. Rex Duncan says the judge is exactly the kind of "liberal activist" his legislation intends to stop. The judge issued a temporary injunction Monday, blocking the law from taking effect. More than 70 percent of voters supported adding the ban in the state constitution. [...]

Also Tuesday, the Oklahoma State Election Board voted to ask the state attorney general to appeal the court's granting of the injunction. A spokesman for the attorney general says such an appeal is "likely."
That's good to know if they do file one. In fact, this made me think of something else: there needs to be a site that can cover problems with leftism in the legal system. I don't suppose maybe Andrew Breitbart could add another site to his network specially for that?

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Always On Watch said...

The court system is going to be a nightmare. Islamophiles everywhere.