Friday, November 19, 2010

Soldiers Ward off Taliban with Bayonets.

For the soldiers stationed at Crossing Point One in the badlands of Afghanistan it was like something out of Zulu.Hardcore Taliban fighters launched wave after wave of suicidal onslaughts as they tried to get into the isolated British base in northern Nad'e Ali.The combat was so fierce that soldiers were ordered to fix bayonets as the insurgents pushed to within just 30 metres of the tiny compound's mud walls. More here
In another incident reported today, a British soldier was killed with a Boer War rifle!! Here.


Anonymous said...

This is not a WAR.
This is a slaughter.
Our governments and the west WANT to loose. They want to break US. They don't care to get Justice. They only care about the GLOBAL MARKET
The Muslims have another idea, but the gobalist thinks that since it involves religion, it's a silly thing to be concerned with and that once the nasty "conservatives" go away, then they will all make out like fat RATS. In the US, it doesn't matter if they are Republicans or Democrats, both are RATS. Decades of "bi-partisan" being a good thing drilled in to our heads has caused both sides to sell out the PEOPLE and conspire against US together.

jwenting said...

Now there's real men. They faced their Alamo and decided to not let it happen.
Yes, they had better odds going for them (better equipment, numbers not so badly against them), but the outcome would have been the same had they failed to hold their post like the defenders of the Alamo failed, they'd have been slaughtered and their corpses desecrated, a brutish enemy taking over control of the land.