Saturday, November 20, 2010


He needs to stop appeasing Obama. He also needs to bear in mind that the Land of Israel is not his to give away:
Netanyahu seems to ignore some basic lessons of history.

The Israeli government is the guardian of the land of Israel, a land to which the Jews have a historic and natural right predating the existence of the current state, modern nations, and international bodies. This right, known since the end of the 13th century BC, was expressed in the Balfour Declaration of 1917, the Mandate of the League of Nations in 1920, and the UN resolution of 1947.

Thus, the land of Israel is not Netanyhu‘s to give. Nor was it former Prime Minister Ehud Barak’s to give when he offered Yasser Arafat 92% of the West Bank, all of Gaza, and sovereignty over East Jerusalem and half of Jerusalem’s Old City at Camp David in 2000. The PA’s responded with the second Intefada, killing more than 1100 Israelis, and injuring over 6000. Nor was it Sharon’s to give in 2005 when he carried out a unilateral withdrawal from Gaza, ripping more than 9,000 of his citizens out of their homes during Disengagement, This Disengagement led to a barrage of thousands of Kassam rockets fired from Gaza into Israel, killing and maiming thousands of civilian Israelis, devastating daily life, destroying any sense of security for more than 200,000 residents of the western Negev. Nor was it former Prime Minister Ehud Olmert’s to give, when in 2008 he offered Mahmoud Abbas to internationalize Jerusalem, and territory equivalent to 100% of the West Bank, with a naïve condition that this “will not be used as an opening position in future negotiations. But no matter what conditions were attached to the Israeli concessions, all were considered by the Palestinians and their allies as further Israeli concessions.

In bartering away Jewish territory, the Prime Minister undermines the Jewish history, identity, religion, and security with which the land is inextricably intertwined.
Another thing: both Israel's government and other countries around the world who believe in common sense need to stop recognizing "palestinians" as even a nation/race to begin with. Or, specifically, they need to cease recognizing Fatah as a legitimate entity. And, they need to bear in mind that "palestinian" Muslims are no different in any way from other Muslims.

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