Monday, November 01, 2010


The prime minister has spoken out about the horrific blood libel case, making clear that the IDF did not kill the boy in question, and that the MSM needs to be careful about buying into the PLO's claims:
“The findings in the case of Muhammed Al-Dura, and particularly the investigative report by German’s ARD 1 television station, arouse significant doubts regarding the accuracy of the claims by France 2 as they were broadcast on Sep. 30, 2000, according to which the boy was killed by fire from an IDF position.

“Ever since the incident, the methods by which the Palestinians have created and staged media events for propaganda purposes have been revealed. Even the reporter of the Al-Dura incident has admitted that he is aware that this is Palestinian policy. Two incidents stand out clearly in this regard: The movie purporting to show that Israel had committed a ‘massacre’ in Jenin, which never happened, and an incident in which a ‘dead body’ fell off the stretcher on which he was being carried, before the cameras – and began to walk.

“In light of all this, there is room to expect the international media to check carefully such reports, and not to publicize any reports with unsubstantiated claims.

“It should be emphasized that over the years, the Al-Dura case has been utilized by certain elements to promote hatred, anti-Semitism and incitement to attack Israelis.

“It is now clear that it was wrong to assign responsibility for this incident to the IDF or the State of Israel... Despite the presence of dozens of photographers at the site, there is no proof, filmed or otherwise, that Israeli forces fired towards the boy, other than the [dubious] film of France2... The distance, angle, and other signs show that the bullets fired at the boy did not come from the Israeli position.”
Why is this only coming a decade after what happened though? As told in the following:
Minister of Information Yuli Edelstein was asked by Arutz-7 why it is that a statement of this nature is issued only ten years after the event. “It should have been released closer to the incident,” Edelstein acknowledged. “We have what to fix, but we must remember that the other side has no problem with lying in their propaganda. I’m not saying that we have to act like them, just like we do not act like them on the battlefield. But certainly things like the speed of our responses should be improved..."
I can offer an answer to this. It's because even Ariel Sharon did not care to help Israel's cause, consumed as he was by greed. Same goes for Ehud Barak, and Ehud Olmert, who spectacularly failed to do anything on their part to prove the blood libel the filthy lie it was. Selfish and self-interested politicians are guilty of failing their country, and that's why it takes only so much time to fix the damage done.

There's one more challenging question to be asked in the wake of this case: will France's electorate take steps to change that insane law that enables journalists to sue anyone who would dare to challenge their filthy propaganda? Fixing the laws in France is something that needs to be brought before parliament ASAP.

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