Monday, November 01, 2010


The horrors of Islamofascism are reaching as far as the British parliament, as told in this shocker:
A Muslim woman tried to kill a Labour MP by stabbing him in the stomach 'in revenge' for him voting for the Iraq War, a court heard today.

Roshonara Choudhry, 21, is accused of knifing Stephen Timms twice in a shock attack during a constituency surgery meeting after she greeted the MP with a smile and offered him the hand of friendship.

A second later the fanatic allegedly lunged forward, repeatedly plunging a three inch kitchen knife into his stomach, sending the MP 'reeling and staggering' backwards, before staff jumped in to wrestle the blade from her grasp.

The Old Bailey heard how the young Muslim woman had plotted for weeks to kill her local MP, buying two knives in case one 'broke' when she enacted her 'punishment' for him voting in Parliament to invade Iraq in March 2003.

After the attack, she coolly told police: ''I just pushed it (the knife) in like how it is if you punch someone.

'I was trying to kill him because he wanted to invade Iraq.

'I was not going to stop (stabbing him) until someone made me.

'I wanted to kill him. I was hoping to get revenge for the people in Iraq.'

Mr Timms, 55, suffered potentially life-threatening injuries in the attack days after the general election in May this year.

The MP for East Ham underwent surgery at the Royal London Hospital after the knife punctured his liver and stomach, but he has now made a full recovery.

Choudhry was later charged with attempted murder and possession of an offensive weapon.

But in an extraordinary case, she has refused to challenge the evidence, saying she does not recognise the jurisdiction of the court.

In what is thought to be the only case in living memory, the defendant has refused to appear in court for her trial and has instructed her lawyers not to offer any evidence in her defence or cross-examine any witnesses.
It's a good thing she's in custody now, but who knows if the UK's MPs will have any extra security provided to ensure meetings with such barbarians don't go uninspected before they reach their targets?

It's peculiar that she hasn't been made to travel to her trial, because I thought that's what is required by law of such offenders. Then again, that's the UK for us.

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Juniper in the Desert said...

This guy is a Liebour politician. He is totally gutless and without backbone. He loves muzzies as they make up his constituency and if he voted for the war it was because he was whipped in the chamber!