Sunday, November 07, 2010


Some positive steps taken in punishing Islamic incitement over in Israel:
An imam from a Nazareth mosque, Nazim Mahmoud Salim, was indicted on Sunday in Nazareth District Court for incitement to violence and supporting a terror organization. He was arrested nearly one month ago by the Shin Bet (Israeli Security Agency) and Israel Police.

Salim was originally arrested after one of the suspects in the November 2009 murder of taxi driver Yafim Weinstein told investigators that the imam's sermons were what incited him to commit the murder.

The indictment stated that Salim gave sermons and circulated leaflets to the worshipers at his mosque that incited them to act against the state. He was accused of calling his worshipers to act violently on several occasions. Additionally, the indictment accused him of establishing a website, "Muslim 48," to spread those opinions and others, including support for global jihad.

Aside from the Shihab a-Din Mosque in Nazareth, Salim also preached at various other mosques, including the al-Asqa Mosque in Jerusalem. Salim had previously called for jihad against Israeli soldiers, the pope, and all targets that cause harm to Islam. The imam was quoted as saying that "Jews are Satan," and "Osama bin Laden is loved by God," according to Army Radio.

The state requested that Salim's remand be extended until the end of the proceedings against him.

Salim's indictment came a few months after the sentencing of northern branch of the Islamic Movement head Sheikh Raed Salah was sentenced to five months in prison for attacking a Jerusalem police officer.
If there's anything this sounds similar to, it's the case of Roshanara Choudhary in the UK: she was influenced by Anwar al-Awlaki, and stabbed MP Stephen Timms. That's why it's important to monitor these Islamofascist hatemongers to see what they're brewing.

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